Base64 Image Mass Encoder

Base64 encode your small images into CSS data-urls. This will usually result in fewer HTTP-request and better performence. Generates CSS without leading white-space to make it easier to copy and paste into your terminal. Works in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and IE8+. Base64 encoded images are about ~33% bigger than their binary versions. Base64 compresses well though, enable gzip in your webserver and that number can go down to ~10%.

Drag and drop one or more images here
One line of css per image    Make css-images behave more like normal images

IE7 Compatibility    Imagepath:

IE7 Compability adds an extra line that only IE7 can read, *:first-child+html { ... }, which will reference the normal image. Chrome, Firefox and IE9 ignores the image and uses the available data-url.

CSS images - Put this in an external CSS

Inline XHTML images (No IE7 compatibility)