The cliffnotes

- Lightning fast OpenGL accelerated 2D graphics!
- A basic game object with x,y,angle,color,scaling and zorder. Hit the ground running!
- Basic collision detection, box vs box, circle vs circle, box vs circle!
- Support classes for Animation, Parallax-scrolling, Particles etc.
- A simple and robust game state system to keep your levels sorted
- Asset-solutions, load your sounds and images quick 'n easy.
- Pluginable, stackable logic called 'traits'

Ruby & Gosu FTW

Chingu is made in Ruby, the object oriented scripting language from Japan with a beautiful syntax and short readable code you'll fall in love with. Building on the solid Gosu, we get a german-precision-engineered base.

Get started

If You got Ruby on your system, just do gem install chingu.
See bundled examples to get going! Also check out the Documentation and browse the Chingu source.

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