Big Projects

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Mini Games


Gnorf (is breaking an entrence).

My Ludum Dare #18 Ruby/Gosu/Chingu Entry!


A digital ode to Why the lucky stiff (_why) on whyday 2010

Come back!

The light at the end of the tunnel

You're small. And in a strange place.

Entry for Ludum Dare #16, theme "Exploration"


A quest to get back to the other side.

Entry for for Mini Ludum Dare #14, theme "Comedy and Tragedy"


A Berzerk remake. You are a human with a laser gun. There will be robots. And they will be bent upon your destruction. Also check out the Berzerk Online High Scores!

Co-developed with Deps

The Eternally Grey

The Eternally Grey, solid and still for thousand of years. Suddenly you feel something you haven't felt in ages...

Entry for for Ludum Dare #15, theme "Caverns". Placed itself #7 in the Theme-category.

A Tiny World

Crush the minis and their world!
Bonus for fancy kicks. Don't get bitten in the legs!
Move legs with Arrows. Kick with Space.

Entry for RubyWeekend #3, came in second place.